Morgandea Art

Art and sketches by Rebecca Brown

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Well friends, I sorta kinda blew up my PSU, so I probably won’t have digital scribbles too soon after all. I’ve got my new compy, Legion, up and running, but I need to install a bunch of programs on it still and won’t have much more time for arting I think. Hopefully I’ll have some new art of some kind or other up soon though.

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Psssst. Hullo again friends. I’ve queued up some old art for the interim, but I will have access to the scanner on Thursday for sure, so hopefully new, non phone camera art soon!

Also planning on dragging EDI up to the house on thursday to get some assignment and commission work done, so maybe I’ll even have some digital scribbles to post soon. It’s been too long. I miss digital art.

Filed under text post EDI is my computer she has a friend now that should run DAI I'm thinking of naming it Legion when I get the chance to get it up and running